Magic Medicines

In the future when people live in those hover chairs from WALL-E so that they never walk anywhere and never actually talk to their family and friends face to face in but through Facetime on floating 3D screens in front of their faces 24/7.

In this world where people only drink Pawnee size sodas that are “roughly the size of a 2 year old child if the child were to be liquefied” from the most fattening fast food restaurants possible like Parks and Recreation’s Paunch Burger and Sweetums.


In this world if all of the problems from sitting in hover board chairs and 4 pounds of sugar in everything we eat or drink, if all of the problems caused by this lifestyle could be solved by one miracle pill there is no doubt that everyone would be taking them by the handful. But the real question is with all these changes to the world would people still value play, sports or games in their free time?

Humans can be lazy but we also want to play and have fun. Without the need to exercise to remain healthy, gyms would no longer exist but I do believe that sports and hopefully recreational activities would still exist. Children enjoy playing and adults enjoy watching sports, a healthy sedentary lifestyle won’t change that. The only thing that may change is the way that those things occur. Kids may play with more electronic toys like video games or on their hover board chairs but that will not end play and games. Adults will also continue to watch sports only now it will be through holograms that show the whole field to make it more like you are there in a miniature version of the stadium.


NFL Sunday Night Football is the number 1 show on the list of the top 50 shows based on the number of viewers ( Not having a need to actually exercise to remain healthy won’t change that. In addition to that, people will also most likely want to go out and play football or whatever sport they are watching during half time as many people do now.


Because we are a society that values sport so much, youth sports programs will most likely continue even though the exercise is not needed to keep kids healthy because of the magic cure to all sedentary diseases. Kids like to play sports and their parents enjoy going to their kids’ games to watch them improve and have fun.

Because of all of these, sport has a bigger value in society than just as a means of exercise. People enjoy playing or watching sports for many reasons such as for fun, to be competitive or to help pass the time and avoid boredom.

Some my most fun memories involve me playing sports with my friends and having fun. Even if we are just playing a pickup game of kick ball or are going bowling. We are not out there just to exercise to remain in shape, we go and play these games to have fun and spend time with each other. Sport goes beyond the physical mechanics of playing and the health benefits that come along with that. Sport involves emotions and feelings. People play sports because they enjoy playing them. It is a past time we enjoy and want to play to spend time with the people we love.

Beyond that, competitive people use sports as a socially acceptable catharsis or simply as a fun way to compete against others. Because of this, those competitive people will still greatly value sports and games in a world where exercise is no longer needed to remain healthy and ward off obesity or other sedentary diseases. Although this is true, people may find different ways of playing such as by playing tennis from their floating chairs thus causing sport to have less exercise involved, but the essence of sport is still there. Even without the need for exercise, people will still value sport. Games present a problem or challenge or people to solve (Kretchmar 2005). Competitive people enjoy overcoming these challenges that games present to them keeping sports and games relevant in an exercise less society. These competitive people value sport too much for our society to ever lose sports.

In addition, sports, games and play were created out of boredom to help entertain people in their free time. Without sports, games and play, people will become extremely bored and will look for something to entertain them. Granted people can find other solutions to their extensive amounts of free time that are not sports like video games or knitting, but some people would rather play a game or sport. Even if people do not play the sports or games themselves, people enjoy watching sports. Millions of people watch soccer matches around the world and practically the whole United States celebrates the Super Bowl as if it were second Christmas. Because of this, sports and games will never be eliminated from our society. Even if people are not out playing games or sports themselves to help pass the time, they still enjoy watching them if they are ever bored.

All in all, sports, games and play have far more value in our society than just as a means of remaining healthy. Even if all sedentary diseases were cured though a magic pill and people no longer needed to exercise to remain healthy, sports and games would still keep their same value among people. People find sports and games fun, they enjoy the competitive nature that sports bring as well as use them to entertain them while bored. Because of these reasons, sports and games may lose some of their value but will never be fully eliminated from our society.

Kretchmar, R. Scott, and R. Scott Kretchmar. Practical Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2005. Print.

Schnieder, Micheal. “TV Winners and Losers: These Are the Most-Watched Shows of the 2015-16 Season.” IndieWire. IndieWire, 31 May 2016. Web. 24 June 2016.



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